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My Talking Angela
Unlimited Money
Android 5.0+
Outfit7 Limited
December 27, 2021 (2 weeks ago )

My Talking Angela is an entertainment game that has been famous since its launch. This game really when new is lượt thích a blockbuster hit in the MOBA game world. If you are a lover of domestic animals such as dogs, cats, birds, etc… Then this game was born for you. Become a nanny and take care of them like a real pet. You can feed them, take them khổng lồ the bathroom, go shopping for clothes, etc. Or in your free time, in this gameplay, there is also a very diverse game system with many extremely interesting games. You will have sầu new experiences beyond being a nanny. And I’m sure of one thing that in the childhood of anyone in the 2x generation, they know this game, especially girls. Because My Angela cat is very dễ thương và attracts the attention of children.

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Download My Talking Angela Mod – Become a pet nanny

Download My Talking Angela Mod – Become a pet nanny

My Talking Angela Mod throws players inkhổng lồ a cat family where your pet is Angela. This game was launched in early 2012 and to date has earned more than 500 million downloads on di động. A terrible number & that is also confidence for the players. Take care & nurture your cát. They also have sầu the same evolution & growth as in real life. The points that are extremely interesting và attract players in this game are. Our cats can hear và speak according khổng lồ your words. With animal sound effects you will hear xinh tươi and attractive sầu sounds. You can also take your mèo to lớn interact with the pets of other players around the world. Interesting, is not it? Download this game right away & raise a pet for your family right away.

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Rich game system

In this game, in addition khổng lồ being a nanny for Angela, you can also play extremely attractive games it. You can play puzzles, smash rabbits, race cars, etc. There are more than 30 different games for you lớn experience completely không tính tiền. Moreover, the game publisher is constantly updating with new games. You will enjoy making money from playing extremely interesting games. However, a small note for you. That is when playing for a long time, your mèo will run out of energy and become sleepy, you need to lớn buy a sleeping pill for them khổng lồ be able to continue playing.

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My Talking Angela gives players extremely chất lượng relaxing moments. And it is also a pet that always accompanies và stays with you wherever you go. But 1 point is annoying và I believe that any player using the regular version will also feel inhibited. That is, making money in the game is quite easy, but the items sold in the game are very expensive. It is very difficult for players to buy the items they like. So, vày not hesitate khổng lồ download the My Talking Angela Mod version right away. Unlimited money lớn buy all the costumes, the items that you lượt thích completely miễn phí.